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Freshlicious Delicious Food

Mushrooms, onions and white cream sauce. Served

with your choice of 2 sides

making Delicious food is a tradition for our family

The name Texas Forever Cafe and Grill was inspired by the outcome at the battle of San Jacinto, which took place only a few miles from our flagship location in Channel view, Texas. We recognize those who fought at the battle that ultimately led to the independence of Texas from Mexico and its evolution into the Republic of Texas. We also salute all supporters who have donated to the park in an effort to preserve the property. Texas Forever encourages its customers from other states to visit the battleground, preserve our heritage and become familiar with how the battle unfolded. Meanwhile, we hope your culinary experience here reflects our love for this state. The Texas independence forces declared themselves independent from Mexico on March 2, 1836, but quickly suffered military defeats at the Alamo and the battle of Coleto. The Texas army fled east to Harrisburg. General Lopez de Santa Anna led the Mexican forces in pursuit. He chose a poor location to camp his forces on the San Jacinto river, a location that gave little room to maneuver or retreat. The Texas army learned where Santa Anna was camped and launched a surprise attack on April 21, 1836. The attack led to a rout of the Mexican forces and Santa Anna was captured the following day. His defeat ultimately led to the end of the efforts to quell the independence movement. More details are available at the battle site and we encourage visitors to see for themselves how Texas was born.

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Chilli, cheese, bacon, sour cream jalapenos and green onions

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Chicken breast, American cheese, mayo lettuce, tomato and onion served on Texas Toast with chips or Tornado Fries

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Cream gravy sauce. Served with Tornado Fries

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What our customers say


Awesome food, awesome staff, great service, and the owner is cool as well.. we will be back soon.. Stylish interior · Great food

Jenny Bernshausen

Very pleasant experience of staff & GREAT FOOD!

Jennie Ramsey

I have not had a bad meal there yet everything is wonderful it's freshly made when you order The Taste is great everything is so clean and the drinks are spot-on had the 10 ounce Ribeye and baked potato special tonight for 8.99 it was wonderful

Debbie Lambert StClair

texas history decor...very nice n clean. good portions, good food, owner & staff are very polite.

Jamie Maze Bowling

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Texas Forever Burger

Bacon, pepper, jack cheese, jalapenos, fried onion strings, lettuce, tomato and onion on a freshly toasted bun.